Sunday, 9 March 2008

more painting done

I'm back from a busy weekend! And this time it wasn't R2-busy... unfortunately. BUT I used as much time as I could to bring R2 closer to his finished state.

Just before I headed off to the youth leader workshop thingie I took part in this weekend, I painted the shoulders white - and when I got back today, I added some aluminium paint to them to finish them off - they look pretty nice now!

I might pick up the droid tomorrow or on Tuesday from the workshop and do the last remaining tasks here at home... not much to do, but not long to go 'til Jedi Con either!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

r/c gone bad... but that doesn't stop me!

Hi guys. I promised a video, right? Well, things didn't quite work out as I had hoped they would... R2 behaved like a drunk hooligan on a rampage, I couldn't make him to go straight (hey, just like the original prop!) and he rammed into everything he could... and eventually one of the cheapo Hong Kong speed controllers just fried. Yeah, you know, my mother always says "buy cheap, buy twice!" and she's so right...
So I just went on and bought some really damn expensive speed controllers now, which should be here in a day or two, those should do the trick, if not - well, I'm gonna be pretty upset!!! But there's still hope...

However, there's only 2 weeks left til Jedi Con, so I thought I'd better use the day to work on the droid in another way. I picked up the skins and the shoulders from the workshop and brought them here to do a little painting magic in the attic - and it worked like a treat :)

I primed all the stuff, waited a bit, painted the skins white and filled and sanded the shoulders a little more around the seams (remember I had to wrap some styrene around them cause they weren't quite big enough, due to resin shrinkage).
And I'm quite happy with the stuff now :) At least some progress - and a huge step towards a finished droid!

Two pics, one of the stuff primed up in the attic, and of the finished stuff lying in my room:

Sunday, 2 March 2008

making R2 move

I finally got all the components to make R2 take his first steps! I'm only missing a speed controller for the dome drive, but I'll try to install what I have next time I'm in the workshop, which should be Tuesday... so expect a video then! :)