Friday, 22 February 2008

more progress

Hi guys. Jedi Con is coming closer, and I'm starting to feel the pressure. I got my ticket the other day and it says "R2 Builder", I guess I'd better have a droid on display ;) There's always the first droid, but I would rather present the new one...

I made good progress on him, finishing the assembly of my skins - including a back door, which I dremeled out. I first tried using scrap skin pieces as a guide for the dremel cutting wheel, but found that it was a lot easier for me doing it freehand - If you're doing it, just try it out and see what works better for you :)

I then used stock "UHU" glue to glue the skins together, probably not the strongest bond, but I wanted to have the option to be able to take them apart if I ever have to.

I also managed to finish the foot drives, and I'm now waiting for a receiver and speed controllers to finish my Vex based r/c system. Hope that will all work out, as I'm kinda new to all the r/c stuff, but I've already had a fair share of helpful mails from fellow builders, so I'm sure I'll get this sorted.

In the meantime I will try and install R2's details, and I better get the skins painted - One month to go, lots of work ahead of me... But working under pressure usually brings out the best in us, doesn't it?

Here are a few update pics:
The body - this time with all 3 feet attached and with wheels!:

The foot drive, version 1 (has been revisited since, but I don't have a new picture, so this one will have to do ;)):

On a side note, I'm taking payments for the Jedi Con shirts that have been ordered now, and will order them next week - Looking forward to those! :)

That's it for now - as Bob Ross would put it: "I wish you a happy [building], and God bless my friend"