Wednesday, 23 January 2008

a busy building day

Hey guys. I had a really busy building day yesterday, where I nearly got to finish the frame for droid #2. Sadly I forgot to take my cam with me to the workshop, so no pictures... yet! Will take some soon (probably on Friday) and add them here.

I managed to dig out a picture of my wooden legs though, so here it is:

I also picked up the vent surrounds at the workshop and tried to put the louvers in there. The upper one worked like a treat, went in there right away, no problems whatsoever.
On the lower one I had to get out the file though, and "shrink" the outer angled bits a little so they'd fit into the surround. It's not a 100% ultrasmooth fit now, but it'll do (even with slight gaps at each side, oh well). As usual, a picture: