Saturday, 28 July 2007

droid ventilation!

Hey guys and girls!
I thought it was time to have a first proper post in here. So here we go then:

I found nice 1mm thick aluminium sheets at the local DIY store the other day (that DIY store is right next door, which comes in VERY handy!) and thought a good way to start upgrading R2 would be to build him some new aluminium vents!

I have never worked with aluminium before, so my first attempts at cutting it were a bit trial and error, lots of errors actually! But hey, "do, or do not", right?

However, I eventually found a way that worked pretty good for me:

First I printed out drawings of the side and pocket vents in the right dimensions and glued them on the aluminium sheet using spray glue.

I used drawings that were just recently posted on the builders club mailing board, if you want them I uploaded both of them in a zip here. Just print those PDFs at 100% and you'll have properly sized templates.

Then I took out the ruler and my cutting knife to score the outer lines. I repeated those cuts about 2 times with lots of pressure to make sure I cut as deep as possible. Then I could easily break the aluminium along the scored lines and it just needed a little filing to clean up the edges!

I repeated that 4 times and ended up with this:

As you can see I took off the paper drawing of one of the pocket vents already there. Before I did that I once again scored the lines I need with my cutting knife, only that I did it very slightly this time, just to know where the recesses will need to be.

Next I drilled as many holes as I could fit in the recess parts and after that I started filing. What followed was filing, followed by filing, followed by even more filing, oh and eventually a bit of sanding to clean the edges!

Took me half the day to finish the first pocket vent front, but then I only used hand files, no electricity involved here!

However, I'm quite pleased with the result, even it needs a little more cleaning up here and there.

What's next? Well, there are three more vents to do, so I guess I'll have to strain my files (and my arm!) a bit more. Uttini!


Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A New Hope...

...It is a period of fandom insanity. Robot builders, striking from a hidden workshop...
Oh well, enough of that ;) Hello to all fellow R2 builders and of course to everyone else as well!

Welcome to my all new R2 blog. Yes, yet another R2 building blog, but with a slightly different twist to it. As some of you will know, I've already build my budget droid, and the static version is pretty much done, but I missed to properly document my building process.

But as we all know, a droid is never finished, and now that I ordered one of those all-aluminium UBER domes and I'm waiting for it to arrive so I can upgrade my droid, I thought I might as well start a nice little blog where I will keep track of my droid pimpin' actions! ;)

I hope I will be able to fill this space with useful information, nice anecdotes and lots of R2 building madness soon!

Let out your inner Jawa!