Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Power couplers & scooter motors arrived

Hey guys, another little update.

First my set of power couplers from McMaster arrived today, and they're awesome! I started working on the paint job right away, as in I masked the faceplates with masking tape (annoying job, but you gotta do it... or not?!)

However, I didn't really feel like masking everything on the main part, I found a great way around that though! The local car parts store where I get my R2 blue actually had a little "touch up pencil" in the same colour I used for the other parts, so I just took that and tried it out - and it worked like a treat - no masking, minor cleanup and I got that sorted :)

It's not 100% yet, but a little "touch up" should do the trick ;)

I also got two electro scooters today, which I ripped apart to get to the motors and all the other things I will use on R2.

That's it for today! Next thing I'll have to do is build some motor holders for my outer feet... and I'm actually looking forward to that! R2 building really IS fun!