Wednesday, 16 January 2008

cpu arm arrived, finally finishing the pocket vents, and more!

The last week was once again a busy R2 week. Last Wednesday I went to visit Arnd, Germany's R2 "elder". We had a great evening talking about all sorts of droid madness.
Arnd is currently working on his new R2, which should be finished until Jedi Con in March - which is also my goal!

I took some pics from his workshop and his droids, thought I'd share them with you, so here you go:

What else? I nearly finished those pocket vents I started ages ago, and they look pretty good - I just hope they'll fit my skins now ;) They should though, as they're pretty much to club spec. I only need to clean them up a bit, and then they're good to go! Here's a picture:

I also started on a new frame last Friday, but didn't get too far, and as I'm doing it in a friend's workshop and forgot the cam, I have no pics to share here. Next time!

Last, but definitely not least, I got my computer interface arm from David Shaw. Boy this thing is awesome! Huge thanks to Dave here!

Next I'll have to finish the side vents and work on that frame. There is so much more to do, and Jedi Con is getting closer... Could someone teach me how to us Force Speed? ;)